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So a little about me…

January 2018 I began my Vegan Journey with Veganuary.

I am very passionate about living a sustainable and plant based lifestyle.

If you are interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle then please continue to read my story but also explore my website for my top tips and reviewed vegan products. 

How it all began:

In December 2018 I watched the documentary What the Health. This documentary opened my eyes and it was the catalyst that started my vegan journey with Veganuary. 

Throughout the first year I researched, watched and learned new ways of cooking and for me I feel like I have never enjoyed cooking and eating food as much. Yes I have had the occasional slip up and devout Vegans may not agree with me  but for me it has all been part of the journey. 

My Vegan Journey:

By educating myself and delving deeper within myself I have become more aware and conscious focusing on living in the now whilst thinking about my impact on myself, those around me and the world.

I am still learning and as I learn I will share. As a society we are constantly changing and adapting, we judge and we have our opinions – I wanted to be healthier, stronger and wiser.

Outside of the vegan world I am a teacher. One of the things I  tell the children in my class is to treat others how you want to be treated. It was as if these words suddenly meant so much more to me. 

My health, energy, fitness, mind, body and soul feels grounded and peaceful when I am making these eco conscious, plant based choices. I will continue to educate myself and others as I learn, we learn! 

When I initially started my vegan journey I noticed a huge change in my health and energy levels. I was more energised than ever, and after exercising my muscles appeared to recover quicker than on any other previous diets. 

The most interesting change was my taste buds, I’ve always eaten veggie meals, but it wasn’t until this moment that I realised I can now taste every individual flavour, spice and tantalising taste of even the most basic of vegetables.

I started my plant based journey in 2018 with 2 vegan cook books to start me off, Lucy Watson’s Feed me Vegan and Aine Carlin Keep it Vegan and a friend lent me one of her Deliciously Ella cook books but I also looked at her recipes online. 

So these three ladies have been my initial source of inspiration and have kept me thinking and feeling vegan especially Ella and Lucy as I follow them on social media which has also been a huge support and continual motivation to keep me thinking vegan since then I follow so many other like minded people and this really does help. 

Having always enjoyed cooking, I naturally have adapted and trialed new recipe ideas with the influence of others, finding new ways of creating simple meals with flavour and enjoyment being at the heart of my vegan meals. 

There are lots of conflicting research and ideas behind being 100% vegan, and we can’t get it right all the time, but I am hoping that I can give you an insight into what can be the most vegan friendly options. As I have researched, I have found that I want to live an Eco-friendly and find a sustainable way of living. Which incorporates my feelings as to why I became vegan in the first place but there are many things to consider and weigh up and that can come down to individual preferences and things that really are your non negotiables. I have some friends who just wont buy plastic, I have others who will have a veggie meal once a week, we are all trying to live our lives as well as we can whether that is being Vegan, Eco Friendly, sustainable or cutting out a little meat here and there, we can all do our bit. So I hope my website can open your eyes as to some of the things we can all do to be in my eyes a little more vegan – we can all be a little bit vegan #thelittlestvegans

Learning more about new vegan products from my skin, beauty, homeware & fashion is the next step for me to live a 100% vegan lifestyle, as I learn, I can continue to educate others around me. 

My Mission

Small changes make a huge difference to our own mind, body and soul. 

By consciously making these thoughtful changes we can all live a more Vegan Lifestyle. 

Learn, Teach, Educate. 

Think, Adapt, Change.

Be Kind, Live, Love.  

How I create content: 

As much as possible I trial products myself, as I feel that personal and real life experiences allow me to identify the best products and deliver the most informative responses. However this is not always possible, so I then use the highest quality reviews, looking at a huge range of products and sources. I do this by looking online as well as visiting stores with these products to ensure that the information I am giving is the best and most accurate and uptodate.

As the chief editor I write and edit all articles and blogs found on the website. 

Why Veganism? 

Learning about Veganism and the lifestyle you can live to better yourself and others around you has been the sole reason for starting this website. 

I have become fascinated by this global phenomenon and every day I am learning more about adopting this lifestyle not just for health and environment reasons but because it is self rewarding and gratifying as well as tasty and beautiful.

What is in it for you? 

If the following statements interest and  resonate with you… 

  • Learning about a Vegan Lifestyle.
  • Trying new innovative plant based recipes and meals.
  • Buying eco friendly and cruelty free products.
  • Veganism, sustainable & eco living.
  • Be kind, love and live the best life you can. 

Then please explore my website and find out more about how to live Vegan Lifestyle.

Thank you for taking the time to read and explore my website.


Founder and Editor of The Littlest Vegan.

By consciously making these thoughtful changes we can all live a more Vegan Lifestyle. 

Learn, Teach, Educate. 

Think, Adapt, Change.

Be Kind, Live, Love.