Best Ethical Clothing Apps

In this post we are looking at The Best Ethical Clothing Apps. If you are undecided on whether ethical, sustainable or greener fashion choices is for you then you should read our latest articles on Ethical Clothing Manufacturers and Ethical Swimwear – keep an eye out for more ethical, sustainable articles coming this year to help you make smarter more environmentally friendly choices for the year ahead. 

How can an Ethical Clothing App help you? 

Using an App is a really convenient way to get an instant result/understanding of the thing you want to purchase. Most of  these apps allow you to quickly find out how ethical, sustainable or just generally how environmentally friendly your chosen manufacturer or clothing item may be. Now for some of you this may not alter your decision on whether you want to buy a particular product that you are desperate to have in your wardrobe, but it may atleast make you consider some of your fast fashion trends, if you are going to buy something that maybe isn’t as ethical as you like, ensure that it is something that you will use, reuse and recycle to get the longevity out of your purchase. 

Our Top Ethical Fashion Apps: 

Good on you  

Their motto – Wear the Change you want to see. 

This company is very aware of the fashion industry and the links with pollution. They want us to act together and make better choices. They are a group of fashion experts, writers,scientists and developers who are keen to make a change- working towards sustainable production, they want to lead the way developing a more sustainable and fairer fashion industry. Emma Watson also endorses this company.

Nuw – Fashion Swapping App 

Their moto – Swap. Love. Repeat. 

This is a place where you can find the up to date fashion trends, it is a similar concept to the company – DEPOP. The company was previously known as The Nu Wardrobe and the founder started it due to the social and environmental impacts they saw first hand when they visited India. Someone who wanted to make a change. The concept is simple really – sharing your wardrobe with others, renting your clothes, thus reducing your carbon footprint. 

Renoon: Sustainable Fashion 

Their moto – Your Universe of Responsible Fashion

So Renoon is an app that can be used by everyone, it is away to help you shop more conscientiously, so this is not just for Vegans but for anyone who is keen to make a choice. You can look and find out how sustainable your favourite clothing brand is, putting the power and choice in your hands. It is a handy tool where you can look at a few websites at a time to find the largest amount of sustainable options, this can also be pre-owned, reworked or rented. Before you know it you will be aware of a number of key questions that will automatically make you think before you buy, Is it made from recycled materials? Does the brand take measures to offset CO2 emissions? Does the brand give back to the planet or oceans? And so on… 

Ethical barcode 

‘Uncover what you are truly supporting when you spend at the grocery store’ 

This app is literally as it sounds, not just a fashion app but also a supermarket app too, to help you understand where all of your products have come from and how sustainable they really are. It allows you to scan your product,it gives you ratings and scores to find out about the organization, giving you the power and choice to find companies that are more inline with your values as a consumer. 

Done good 

Mission Statement – to make it quick, easy and affordable to use our purchasing power for good. When you give a business your money, you want to know you’re getting a quality product, and that your money will be used in a way that fits your beliefs

This company does all the hard work so that you don’t have to, they find the brands that are inline with you moto’s, finding eco friendly products from around the world. 

Good Guide 

This website lets you find out the details of the company that you maybe interested in purchasing an item from. It’s not just fashion companies but looks at a whole range of companies from energy to cat and dog food. This guide will help you determine which companies are most inline with  your values and it will highlight some things about ome companies you probably didn’t know. 

For example we looked up VEJA which is a brand that is known for having sustainable and vegan shoes. Their index score was a 96. Which was the highest  on the list. 

They have green ticks for all of the headings around environment, animal,people and the only that didn’t have a tick was in the other heading of Ethical Accreditation 

In Summary…

Please look at one of these companies apps or websites, they really will support you and develop your education of what Ethical really means. Interestingly some companies which are considered vegan and cruelty free are not as ethical as you may originally have thought. This just continually goes to show that we as a consumer nation really do not know where products come from. There is so much that goes into creating a product and the people behind the scenes that we are not aware of. These apps are such a great way to enable us THE CONSUMER to be so much more aware. Stop thinking that this is not your problem, we can all do something to support our world. Make smarter, more ethical choices now. 

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