Is Paul Rudd Vegan?

Is Paul Rudd Vegan?

After Paul’s time on the YouTube series Hot Ones there has been a lot of discussion as to whether he is Vegan or did he just throw out the chicken in favor of the cauliflower as a one off? 

In this article you will find out whether Paul Rudd is actually Vegan or did he just fancy a meat alternative?

So continue reading to find out the answer to all the speculative rumors, is Paul Rudd Vegan?

Paul Rudd, is he Vegan?

So no, Paul Rudd is not actually vegan. He does not follow a plant based diet and he is not vegetarian. He has never (at the time of writing this post) stated that he is Vegan. He did however say after being on the show Hot Ones that he does want to start to eat more of a plant based diet and that he is exploring new meat alternatives. 

I think like most newly converted or converting vegans he is aware of the health benefits as well as the planetary aspects and is starting to divulge a little into a plant based diet. 

Does Paul Rudd follow a Vegan Diet?

Paul likes to enjoy a vegan smoothie often opting for almond milk instead of regular milk. He has also stated that as part of trying to reduce the amount of meat that he eats that he is trying meatless Mondays as an option for eating less meat. This however does not mean that Paul Rudd is vegan. 

What happened to Paul Rudd on Hot Ones? 

After Paul Rudd opted for the cauliflower hot wings instead of the chicken ones, rumors spread like wildfire about the possibility that he was Vegan. This was only exacerbated more as the wings got hotter he didn’t even reach for the large glass of milk. He just kept on ploughing through those hot cauliflower wings. 

What is Hot Ones?

Hot Ones is a YouTube web series that interviews celebrities whilst they eat immensely hot chicken wings (plant based options available) ,as they are questioned more by the host Sean Evans their chicken wings get hotter and hotter

Did Paul Rudd win Hot Ones?

Paul managed all 10 rounds – getting right to the end where you put your wing in this case cauliflower wing into a mix of all those hot sauces. 

What other celebrities follow a Vegan Diet? 

There is a growing number of celebrities that continually state they are vegan or that they follow a plant based diet; Ariana Grande, Miley Cirus, Paul McCartney, Liam Hemsworth are just as few, look at my blog post on Vegan Diet Before and After to find out about other celebrities that are following the global movement of going Vegan. 

So is Paul Rudd Vegan?


Does Paul Rudd eat meat?

Yes, Paul Rudd does eat meat. However, he is trying to cut down on red meat and is attempting to do meatless Mondays. 

What does Paul Rudd eat?

Paul Rudd is an omnivore and therefore eats a range of foods. He thoroughly enjoys plant based foods and they have been evident in recent years. He is more and more often being seen publicly choosing to have plant based foods. Well done Paul! 

Is Paul Rudd vegan Reddit?

He is not a Vegan, there has just been some hype as he opted for cauliflower instead of chicken and during his filming of Antman he was on a high fat low carb diet that included meat.

Is Paul Rudd British?

Both Paul’s parents are from in and around London and who both descend from Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants who moved to ENgland from Belarus, Poland and Russia but Paul himself is American being born in Passaic, New Jersey. 

Why did Paul Rudd eat cauliflower on Hot Ones?

Paul made the great choice of swapping out chicken wings for cauliflower, this was just due to him trying to make a more conscious decision to reduce the amount of meat he is/was consuming. Why not follow in Paul’s footsteps and next time your thinking of ordering chicken why not try the ‘veggie chicken’ Cauliflower it is so versatile and can take on so many flavors. 

Summary … Is Paul Rudd Vegan or Vegetarian?

Even though Paul Rudd has been known to devour cauliflower wings and have almond milk smoothies as well as opting for trying out Meatless Mondays, Paul Rudd is not Vegan or Vegetarian in fact he does not follow a plant based diet at all. Paul Rudd is currently and/or still a carnivore.

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