How To Find The Best Bamboo Pillows

Best Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are not 100% bamboo, they normally consist of a range of different materials but with bamboo being a key material to make the product, as bamboo is hypoallergenic and super soft and smooth. In this article we discuss how to find the best bamboo pillows.

If you want to find out more about how bamboo material is made then check out my recent blog post on Bamboo Material .

So once you have found the perfect bamboo pillow you may also want to think about a bamboo topper or even a bamboo mattress? These are a great way to ensure you have a great, and comforted night sleep we really like the best bamboo memory foam toppers as well for some extra comfort.

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Why Bamboo Pillows?

We all need that safe, secure space, and our beds for most of us are that place where we are at our most vulnerable and therefore we need not only a place to feel at ease but we need to be able to relax and recuperate in a calm way, a bamboo pillow will allow you to feel the comfort and calm every night.

The bamboo pillow allows you to be comforted whilst being supported allowing your weary body to have a perfect night sleep.

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What is a Bamboo Pillow?

A bamboo pillow is made using bamboo fibers which are normally mixed with other materials. The bamboo fibers help to enhance softness and are great for preventing odors as well as being a great material for those with allergies.

Recommended products:

For speed and efficiency we only recommended and review a limited of our favorite products and below we have narrowed it down to a few of our top Bamboo Pillows where we have considered the type of pillow that each individual may favor.

If you are in a hurry just click on the links, otherwise continue scrolling to find a more detailed review of each product.

Best Overall Bamboo Pillow : Kool-Flow Queen Pillow

Best Value for Money Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow : Mastery Mart Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Best Bamboo Pillow for Allergies: Dream Rite Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Best Adjustable Memory Foam and Bamboo Pillow: Coop Home GoodsAdjustable Pillow

Best Bamboo Pillow for Luxury: Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow

Best Bamboo Memory foam and Gel Pillow:Snuggle-Pedic Gel infused Memory Foam Pillow

Best 2 pack Bamboo pillows :Dreaming Wapiti Pillows

Our Top Bamboo Pillows:

01 – Kool-Flow Queen Pillow

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Pillow

Ultra deluxe premium quality shredded memory foam will not become lumpy or go flat. It remains uniform in density, conforming to your personal head & neck contour for a perfect nights sleep & returns to shape, night after night.


These Kool-Flow bamboo pillows are our best overall bamboo pillow, as they come in a range of sizes standard, queen, king and even a body pillow, but not only that if you like your pillows a certain way you can use the new inner zipper to help adjust the pillow to your desired fluffiness.

The cover is made from bamboo which helps to aid with air flow when you are sleeping as well as providing a soft smooth feel to the pillow. The memory foam along with the bamboo helps to regulate your temperature at night keeping your face cool and not too hot. The bamboo cover also aids with the hypoallergenic part of the pillow.

02 – Mastery Mart Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Mastery Mart Shredded Memory Foam Washable Bamboo Pillow

Mastery Mart Shredded Memory Foam Washable Bamboo Pillow

Premium CertiPUR-US certified mixed shredded memory foam, super soft bamboo-derived pillowcase, machine wash friendly, adjustable fills, thickness of the pillow can be easily adjusted by removing extra fills.

This Bamboo pillow is made from rayon which is a material that is made from bamboo it is 60% polyester and 40% rayon. The memory foam part of the pillow has been made not using any harmful chemicals.

The bamboo (rayon) cover is super soft and easy to wash. As it is made from memory foam the pillow can be molded to any shape that suit you for your sleeping preferences.

03 – Dream Rite Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Unmatched Support – Crafted with 80% shredded memory foam and 20% Polyester Fiber. This type of memory foam technology allows for a much more sensual and personal night of sleep. It gives users the ability to sleep for a prolonged period of time and not have to worry about aches and pains. The memory foam provides support for the neck, shoulders, back, and head.

This is a new type of memory foam that allows you to have an even better night sleep allowing for a much more sensual nights sleep you can sleep for even longer as the bamboo pillow keeps the neck and shoulders thoroughly supported all night. So the cover for the pillow is the part that is made from bamboo it is 40% viscose rayon.

As with all other bamboo products the bamboo allows the fabric to be hypoallergenic, super soft and along with the memory foam it enables you to have a cool night sleep.

04 – Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Sleep aligned and wake up refreshed with the world’s most adjustable pillow, if you’re spending eight hours a night tossing and turning on a pillow that’s too flat or too thick, your mind and body will suffer. In reality, your unique shape and sleep position should determine your ideal pillow loft for a healthy sleep posture. 

This bamboo pillow is great for any type of sleeper or sleeping and it is easily adjustable to suit anyone’s sleeping needs. The cover is 60% Polyester, 40% Rayon Derived from Bamboo. This pillow has been made from the highest quality materials and is Vegan and Cruelty free.

05 – Royal Therapy Queen Memory Foam Pillow

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
ROYAL THERAPY Queen Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

ROYAL THERAPY Queen Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Trufoam queen memory foam pillow eliminates pressure points – Royal Therapy largely considered to be the most versatile and comfortable pillows for sleeping you can buy. It’s filled with shredded memory foam that gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. 

Royal Therapy pillows are considered to be luxurious and also the most versatile in terms of comfort. The pillow is filled with shredded memory foam which allows it to be supportive and to relieve any pressure and also enables your spine to be fully supported where it needs it.

The bamboo cover allows the pillow to be odor free and hypoallergenic.

06 – Snuggle-Pedic Gel infused Memory Foam Pillow

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic uses a proprietary mix of a very special hypo-allergenic and extremely low V.O.C. laboratory tested foam. The very small pieces are extremely soft and fluffy and make the pillow lighter and more resilient than the usual shredded memory foam pillows found on the market.

This is our top rated bamboo memory foam and gel infused pillow. With all of these materials you really do get the best that they all have to offer. The pillow is super plush and the gel inside allows it to relieve any pressure giving great postural support.

07 – Dreaming Wapiti Pillows

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Dreaming Wapiti Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Dreaming Wapiti Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Scientific ergonomic pillows for sleeping, through the balanced support of head, neck and shoulder,the three-point curve forms a curvature that fits the cervical spine, promotes sleep and prolongs deep sleep time.

These Wapiti bamboo pillows are made from 60% polyester and 40% Rayon which is derived from bamboo. These are great value for money as they come in a two pack. The pillows are comfortable made from shredded memory foam and they are also easy to clean.


Are bamboo pillows good?

Bamboo pillows are great as they prevent odors and they are help to keep you from sweating maintaining a good comfortable temperature through the night, thus helping you to have a good nights sleep. Bamboo pillows tend to be made with memory foam which allows them to be extra supportive and comfortable.

How long do bamboo pillows last?

If you are using your bamboo pillow regularly and it is also being washed consistently then it should last between 1/2 years. Different manufactures may offer a longer guarantee.

Washing your bamboo pillow in a certain way could also help to maintain it longevity. First you should air your pillow before using it. Washing every 3 – 6 months will help remove bacteria and dirt. If you have got a synthetic pillow and it’s memory foam I would follow the washing instructions ( it will probably need to be washed my hand).

After washing air dry the bamboo pillow for best results.

What are the types of bamboo pillows?

There are two different types of bamboo pillows an all natural bamboo pillow and a semi synthetic one which could be made from viscose or rayon. Both are made from bamboo and benefit from the qualities that the bamboo material has to offer but the semi synthetic material is not as eco friendly as natural bamboo.

For more info in this look at my blog post on Bamboo Material.

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