How To Find The Best Bamboo Socks

Best Bamboo Socks

Why Bamboo Socks?

SO I don’t know about you… but I absolutely love socks, they are one of my favorite things to give as a gift and to receive, lots of people think that this is weird, my family, I think… get it, unless they are just humoring me.

But I genuinely love socks, so as I continue my vegan lifestyle I am continually on the lookout for great clothing options that are vegan and bamboo socks are a great alternative to cotton that I have found so far being more Eco – friendly then your everyday sock material.

In this article you will find out about our top rated bamboo socks. Plus all the added benefits of having a bamboo sock, sharing a bit of information but also all the great varieties of humorous socks that you can get made from bamboo to treat yourself or your loved ones – who doesn’t love a good bamboo sock?

Are Bamboo socks any good? 

Of course bamboo socks are good! The fibers that you find in bamboo are really absorbent which means they are the perfect material for socks as they keep moisture away – perfect for your little tootsies.

Bamboo is also breathable, and is actually a far superior breathable material than cotton or wool. 

Find out more about the sustainability of bamboo on my blog post Bamboo Material.

Why we love the bamboo material.

Bamboo is antibacterial and resistant to odors – so for socks this is a must! 

Recommended products:

For speed and efficiency we only recommended and review a limited of our favourite vegan and cruelty free products.

Below are what we consider to be the 12 best bamboo socks:

Best Overall Brand of Bamboo Socks: Anatolian

Best bamboo low cut sock: Unisex low cut socks

Best bamboo cushioned ankle sock: Cariloha  

Best bamboo cushioned ankle sock: +MD 6 pack cushioned ankle socks

Best bamboo sock for comfort: Hugh Ugoli Womans Bamboo Dress Socks

Best crew bamboo sock: Yomandor Womens Bamboo Diabetic Crew Sock

Best invisible bamboo sock: ZeroSock Bamboo Super Low Invisible Socks

Best Bamboo socks for running: Athletic Coolmax Socks

Best Patterned Bamboo Sock for men: Avocado print

Best Unisex Bamboo Sock: Elephant Print

Best Bamboo Sock for Women: Ladybird ankle sock

Best gift for a man – Bamboo Sock: Three Ol’Bamboo Men’s Socks

Best Bamboo Sock for a girlfriend: Monogram Bamboo Ankle Socks

Best Bamboo Sock for Men: Colourful Bamboo Socks for Men

Our Top Bamboo Socks

01 – Anatolian patterned socks

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Patterned Bamboo Dress Trouser Business Socks for Men and Women

Patterned Bamboo Dress Trouser Business Socks for Men and Women

Classy, ultra soft socks for men and women. Bamboo fiber socks with staple designs, color themes, and assortment of selections. Bamboo provides excellent wick protection (60% better than cotton alone), natural ventilation, thermo regulation, moisture absorption, and deodorization due to fiber structure in micro level.

These are an excellent unisex bamboo sock, the company do a huge range of other styles to suit all your sock needs. We love these though, practical colors, super soft and comfortable for everyone – recommended washing on a delicate/cold wash inside out to maintain the fluffy softness and size of sock.

02 – +MD 6 pack cushioned ankle socks

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
6 Pack Mens Bamboo Ankle Socks

6 Pack Mens Bamboo Ankle Socks

No more Sweaty Feet – Bamboo can take in up to 3 times its weight in water and its fabric can pull moisture away from skin. Fight Foot Smell – Due to their high absorbency, they allow you to have healthy feet by helping in the fight of unwanted smell. Renewable – Bamboo is totally organically grown. A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees.

If you are athletic and are looking for some excellent absorbent gym/running socks then these are the sock for you!

03 – Unisex low cut socks

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Low-Cut Bamboo Dress Socks for Men & Women

Low-Cut Bamboo Dress Socks for Men & Women

low-cut bamboo socks are silk-like soft and sweat-wicking, helping reduce the risk of blisters in your shoes. Their cooling lanes will keep your feet comfortable and dry during the whole day – making you feel at ease anywhere

These socks are super soft and comfortable, ideal under most shoes, especially trainers – they would be great with our recommended vegan sneakers. They are breathable and resistant and smooth allowing a comfortable fit all day long.

04 – Hugh Ugoli Womans Bamboo Dress Socks

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Hugh Ugoli Women's Bamboo Thin Dress Socks

Hugh Ugoli Women’s Bamboo Thin Dress Socks

Experience breathable, relaxing comfort by slipping into bamboo dress socks from Hugh Ugoli! If you love being stylish, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, there’s nothing more fun and colorful than trendy Bamboo Women’s Dress Socks from Hugh Ugoli.

These socks are made of the highest quality of bamboo, which makes them long lasting, making your feet comfortable and for extreme resistance we all know that its always the toes or heels that get worn first. Well these socks are reinforced with more fabric at the toes and heels to ensure long lasting wear.

05 – Yomandor Womens Bamboo Diabetic Crew Sock

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Yomandamor Womens Bamboo Diabetic Crew Socks

Yomandamor Womens Bamboo Diabetic Crew Socks

Unlike other fabrics, bamboo socks are comfortable in all different types of temperatures,keeps your feet warm during winter and cool during summer. These socks made from Natural Bamboo Fiber which provides excellent air circulation,absorb the moisture away from your feet and reducing the risk of fungal infections.

These socks are seamless making them a great option for comfort, and slouching in around the house. Super comfy and soft to the touch, made of 80% bamboo and 30% elastane.

06 – ZeroSock Bamboo Super Low Invisible Socks

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
ZeroSock Womens Bamboo Super Low Invisible Socks

ZeroSock Womens Bamboo Super Low Invisible Socks

Carefully Crafted Comfort. Ultra soft, Ultra Thin, Ultra strong Bamboo + Cotton Fabric blend with gel heel grip to prevent any slipping. Designed to provide all the benefits of no show socks with none of the sacrifices.

These bamboo socks are extremely low, allowing you to wear under pumps as well as trainers, they stay on well with a gel heel to allow for extra grip and support. The added mesh at the front of the sock allows for better ventilation. They come in packs of 4 – so great value for money. AMAZON

07 – Athletic Coolmax Socks

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Athletic Coolmax Socks

Athletic Coolmax Socks

These Running Socks are available in five colors: Grey, Black, Blue, Rose Red and Light Purple, which is convenient for matching different types of shoes, suitable for Running Shoes, Sneakers, or other Sports Shoes.

These are some super supportive comfortable but slightly more jazzy running socks. SO if you like to add a little bit of fun to your active wear then these socks will do the trick coming in a variety of colors. They have been designed specifically for athletes and therefore even though they give the impression that they are not serious, they are!

09 – Vegan My Style Teal Elephant

Bamboo Elephant Mens Socks.jpg

Bamboo Socks – Teal Elephant

So I just couldn’t resist these teal elephant socks, these are another pair from Doris & Dude, and we just love them! SO much fun, and sustainable, they have a huge range of various animals, fruits and vegetable prints! The perfect gift for anybody, any age, sex friend or foe! Cheer someone up with a pair of these fun loving socks! BUY ON ETSY

10 – Vegan My Style Ankle Blue Ladybird

best bamboo ankle socks.jpg

Bamboo Socks Ankle Blue Ladybird

So if you were loving these awesome bamboo patterned socks by Doris & Dude but you were looking for some trainer socks, then they’ve got you sorted with these great little ankle socks. With all the benefits of the original but perfect to wear in the summer under some of our great vegan sneakers that we’ve recommended. BUY ON ETSY

11 – Three Ol’Bamboo Men’s Socks


Three Ol’ Bamboo Men’s Socks by THAT SOCKS

This brand make a range of bamboo socks and they have been inspired by the dance in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Each pack comes with three pairs of socks. Which means you can mix and match these comfy and odour resistant sock. BUY ON NOT ON THE HIGH STREET

12 – Monogram Bamboo Ankle Socks


Monogram Bamboo Ankle Socks by THE LETTEROOM

Perfect for ladies, teens and kids. Personalised socks are a must. With cute little frills and bows. Whilst being completely Eco friendly and sustainable. They come in a cute gift bag, so perfectly designed to treat someone special or just yourself, who doesn’t like receiving gifts in the post? Available in sizes 4 – 9 BUY ON NOT ON THE HIGHT STREET

13 – Colourful Bamboo Socks for Men and Women

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Colorful BAMBOO Socks for MEN WOMEN

Colorful BAMBOO Socks for MEN WOMEN

Classy, ultra soft socks for men and women in a selection of lovely design and colors from Bamboo fiber. Compared with cotton socks, these are thinner with quality finish. People wonder why those who try our bamboo socks often refuse to wear anything else but bamboo socks afterwards. Bamboo socks are genuinely better for your feet. You will feel the difference, as soon as you open your package, even before you put them on.

These are great bamboo socks not just for men but woman too, they come in an array of colors. The socks may appear to be thinner, but they are still comfy and long lasting and wearing. A great staple sock for anyone’s wardrobe.

What are the benefits of bamboo socks? 

  • Firstly bamboo socks are not only super soft and vegan but they are able to regulate your body temperature. 
  • They are great for people who have allergies.
  • They prevent moisture, are antibacterial making them excellent for your skin. 

Are bamboo socks hard wearing? 

Due to bamboo being a lot smoother than your regular cotton socks, they feel softer and are much more absorbent. I have not noticed that they are any more or less wearing than regular socks. 

Do bamboo socks last longer? 

Yes Bamboo socks do tend to last longer, making them an ideal option for athletes especially runners, as they are super soft and breathable, making them more durable due to the comfort and eco friendly. 

Do bamboo socks keep your feet cool?

Bamboo is breathable and can temperature regulate, letting your feet breathe in the summer and insulate in the winter. 

However there are many more boutique and Eco companies and small businesses who are creating more and more interesting socks!

Do bamboo socks shrink? 

The best way to dry your bamboo socks is out on the washing line as over drying in a machine can cause a little shrinking. 

 Are bamboo socks good for walking? 

 Yes, bamboo socks are excellent for walking long or short distances in as they are not only absorbent, but super comfy and hard wearing.

Are socks vegan? 

Just look carefully at the materials – If your socks are made from bamboo, cotton, or any other plant fibers than yes they are vegan, but you may want to look in more detail and the company and the making process to ensure that you are buying a product is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Our top 5 brands of Bamboo Socks:

  • Cariloha 
  • Bams 
  • Silky Toes 
  • Memoi
  • Hoerev

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