How To Find The Best Vegan Backpack

Best Vegan Backpack

In this article we discuss and review how to find the best Vegan backpacks for both men and women. We consider the question: Why aren’t all backpacks are Vegan? Looking at the materials that vegans may want to avoid as well as the companies that do more then just provide a non leather alternative but also how Eco – friendly and sustainable they maybe.

Are all backpacks vegan?

In short, no, not all backpacks (also known as rucksacks) are vegan. When looking for a new vegan backpack, you need to look carefully at the products materials and how it has been sourced and made. Just because something is maybe not made with an animal product it doesn’t always mean that it is then a complete vegan product. 

What is a vegan backpack? 

A vegan backpack is going to be created by a designer who has taken into consideration that their product is cruelty free, so no animal would be harmed during or for the process of making their product but with it also being vegan it would mean that it also would contain no animal materials or bi products from an animal. 

How to choose a vegan backpack.

Backpacks have become fashionable again – who knew. They are practical but are now also fashionable so imagine if you could not only look cool but also feel great that you have made a choice to buy a vegan leather bag over real leather.

If the product has been designed well and is practical for the purpose you intended it for then there is actually a huge amount of choice for us Vegans out there. Many large companies are creating faux vegan leather from a variety of plant based options as well as adapting to become more environmentally friendly considering recycling as a great way to create bespoke vegan backpacks as well as clothing.

Our Top Vegan Backpacks:

Recommended products:

For speed and efficiency we only recommended and review a limited of our favorite products and below we have narrowed it down to a few of our top Vegan Backpacks where we have considered the type of backpack you may need for many different occasions.

If you are interested in finding out more about vegan leather than check out my blog post – Vegan Leather

Best Overall Vegan backpack: Papero Vegan Backpack

Best Vegan Backpack for Women: Matt & Nat Aries Backpack

Best Vegan Backpack for men: Sunssuns Vegan Backpack for Men

Best Vegan Backpack for Children: TwinsstoreU Orange Vegan Backpack

Best Vegan Backpack for Teens: Aris Vegan Canvas Backpack

Best Vegan Backpack for everyday use: Matt & Nat Dean Backpack

Best Vegan Backpack for Mum’s: Vegan Wax, Canvas Backpack

Best Stylish Vegan Backpack:Fabrykawis Vegan Leather Backpack

Best Casual Vegan Backpack for Men: Fabulouskashmir Eco Vegan Backpack for Men

Best Vegan Backpack for Laptops: Kopack Vegan Laptop Backpacks

Best Vegan Minimalist Backpack: Roll Top Vegan Minimalist Backpack

Best Vegan Backpack for the Easy Going Vegan: Vegan Cotton Canvas Vegan Backpack

Best Vegan Leather Backpack: THREESIXFIVE mini Backpak

Best Statement Vegan Leather Backpack: Vegan LUXTRA Backpack

Vegan Backpacks for Women

01 – Best Vegan Backpack for everyday use – Matt & Nat Dean Backpack

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Matt & Nat Dean Backpack, Olive

Matt & Nat Dean Backpack, Olive

Backpack with adjustable shoulder straps, Slit pockets on the sides and front zipper pocket, Top zipper closure, Interior: 15” padded laptop compartment, zipper pocket, smartphone pocket, logo-embossed Vintage patch, 100% recycled nylon lining, Dimensions: 12” x 16” x 7” Handle drop: 3


This is a great all round vegan backpack, it comes in a variety of colours. This vegan backpack also comes with adjustable straps, with handy split pockets on the sides and a large front zipper pocket.

It is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

02 – Best Vegan Backpack for Women – Matt & Nat Aries Backpack

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Matt & Nat Aries Handbag, Vintage Collection, Emerald (Green)

Matt & Nat Aries Handbag, Vintage Collection, Emerald (Green)

Backpack with adjustable straps, Curved top zipper closure, Small zipper pocket on back for security, 100% Vegan – Animal & Cruelty Free


This is another great stylish vegan backpack by Matt and Nat. This bag is slightly smaller than the previous with less pockets and slightly more feminine. It also comes in a variety of colours with adjustable straps.

It is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Matt and Nat backpacks

These are an exceptionally popular Vegan company not only do they stock vegan backpacks they also sell a huge range of varying vegan bags, vegan shoes and other vegan accessories. Matt and Nat stands for material and nature, they are a vegan brand and use no animal products for any of their products.

The lining of their bags are made out of recycled bottles, they also try to use more sustainable products such as cork and rubber. The company is also very good at promoting and supporting the idea of up-cycling. 

Is Matt and Nat real leather?

As mentioned above, Matt and Nat use natural materials and none of their products contain any form of animal product, therefore making them 100% vegan friendly. 

Is Matt and Nat waterproof?

Some of their bags are water resistant, and are definitely shower proof and will protect your belongings from the elements, just double check each product for their specific materials as some will be more water resistant than others. 

03 – Best Vegan Stylish Backpack – Fabrykawis Vegan Leather Backpack


This is a beautiful handmade backpack, they are exceptionally popular due to it realistic looking leather material. It has great adjustable straps. It is spacious and you are bound to get a lot of great comments. It is unique and different from your usual backpack and is also an exceptionally reasonable price. BUY ON ETSY

04 – Best Vegan Backpack for Children – TwinsstoreU Orange Vegan Backpack


This is a soft and spacious vegan backpack – great for teens, we absolutely love the bright color. The material is 100% waterproof and made from Eco materials. It also has one large compartment which is ideal for fitting a laptop in. BUY ON ETSY

05 – Best Vegan Backpack for Teens – Aris Vegan Canvas Backpack


This bag is made from canvas and due to its simplicity and black colour  it can be worn by either gender. It is made from high quality canvas. There are lots of pockets inside and out for you to keep your belongings separated and in key compartments.

Which makes it a lot easier for you to access your personal belongings. The straps are adjustable but also detachable. Please check out their website for more great vegan bags and backpack options. Minimalist backpacks . We also love their Green Two Toned Traveller Backpack a must for all your essential travels. BUY ON ETSY

06 – Best Overall Vegan backpack – Papero Vegan Backpack


Yes I know, a bag made from paper – crazy! The bag is super spacious, waterproof and tear proof. There are adjustable straps which are padded for extra comfort. This product is completely animal free and recyclable. BUY ON ETSY

Vegan backpacks for men

07 – Best Vegan Backpack for men – Sunssuns Vegan Backpack for Men


This is a great and different looking vegan backpack – more manly then some other backpacks. However its not not for girls either. It’s a great bag to use on the go, especially if you prefer to be outdoors and need a waterproof and decent backpack is perfect for cycling with or even hiking being exceptionally comfortable to wear for long periods of time. BUY ON ETSY

08 – Best Casual Vegan Backpack for Men – Fabulouskashmir Eco Vegan Backpack for Men


This vegan backpack is made from hemp, it’s a great bag for hiking and trekking and is also biodegradable. It conveniently has two side pockets – where you can place your water bottles. There is a large spacious compartment as well as small zipped areas. It also has padded adjustable straps. BUY ON ETSY

Vegan backpacks for laptops

09 – Best Vegan Backpack for Laptops – Kopack Vegan Laptop Backpacks

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Slim Business Laptop Backpack USB Anti Thief/Tear Travel Computer Backpack

Slim Business Laptop Backpack USB Anti Thief/Tear Travel Computer Backpack

Designed for those people want a lightweight but durable backpack for everyday usage. Creative anti-theft design laptop compartment enables you pick laptop without showing your personal things; You won’t worry it got be stolen when have a nap on the train ahead home


This is a full on bag, exceptionally useful and with lots of added design components and functions. It allows you to store a laptop easily without it being obvious. The way the bag has been designed you can easily access the laptop without any of the other areas of the bag becoming accessible allowing them to be safe.

There’s an easy accessible and built in USB cable. The bag is exceptionally comfortable with an ergonomic S shape design with padded shoulders , the bag has adjustable straps to help support any of the heavy weight you may have in there.

My must have Vegan Backpacks:

01 – Best Vegan minimalist Backpack – Roll Top Vegan Minimalist Backpack


This vegan backpack is a great minimalist waterproof backpack. It definitely stands out from the crowd but in a great way! There is a large compartment perfect for a laptop. Super stylish and comes in a variety of colours which you can also mix and match on the bag. BUY ON ETSY

02 – Best Vegan Backpack for Mum’s – Vegan Wax, Canvas Backpack


This vegan backpack has 9 pockets with a huge amount of space to allow for packing nappies, spare baby clothes, containers as well as functional side pockets for a drink for you and the little ones. They come in a variety of colors, hugely versatile to be a backpack or a tote bag. Stylish and practical for everyone, but especially the stylish Vegan Mum. BUY ON ETSY

03 – Best Vegan Backpack for the easy going Vegan – Vegan Cotton Canvas Vegan Rucksack


This vegan rucksack is a great alternative to a plastic rucksack. It is comfortable, stylish and practical. We love the rust color. Perfect for those spring walks, exploring and ensuring you can carry a few essentials. It is 100% cruelty free and looks great. BUY ON ETSY

04 – Vegan Leather Mini Backpack


We adore this brand, they have an array of vegan leather products. But we love their vegan backpacks, they come in a range of colours and even though they are mini they are actually very spacious. Perfect for casual days out but also for evenings. You can also get your vegan leather backpack initialed, a great gift for a friend or for you.

They have also just launched their very own weekend bag – which I am in love with, adding it to my wish list! BUY ON NOT ON THE HIGH STREET

05 – Vegan LUXTRA Backpack


This is the perfect holiday backpack, perfect with a tan, hiking around far off places during the day and glamorous restaurants at night. It’s a tad on the expensive side, but its made from pineapple leaves, this company uses many different vegan friendly materials. the bag is large enough to fit a laptop inside so perfect for your hand luggage if taking away or for everyday use. They have a range of other more normal shall I say colours, if you’d like the PETA approved stamp but without the jazzy silver! BUY ON NOT ON THE HIGH STREET

Why you should choose a vegan backpack?

First companies that create vegan backpacks are pro animal activists and generally they are thinking about sustainability and cruelty free options. So not only are you helping the animals but also they seem to very stylish and current in the fashion industry with veganism becoming a huge trend across the world.

What are vegan backpacks made of?

Here are our top 3 environmentally friendly vegan materials , animal and human friendly options for vegan bags. Lots of companies also use recycled materials to support an Eco friendly product. 

  1. Paper 
  2. Cork 
  3. Recycled rubber 

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