How To Find The Best Vegan Boots

Best Vegan Boots

In this guide on how to find the best vegan boots you will find out why we think everyone should opt for a Vegan boot. We have searched for the best vegan boots that are currently available for both men and woman with varying prices and styles we’ve got you covered so continue reading to find out our top tips for finding your perfected vegan boot.

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Why choose Vegan boots?

Lots of people across the globe are making the choice to go vegan. Over 7% of the British population are currently identifying themselves as vegan. And as well as considering your food and ethical choices when considering going vegan, many are thinking about their clothes and shoes brands, finding a shoe brand that is vegan is becoming increasingly easier to do.

If you are considering Veganuary then making some ethical clothing choices is also a great option – have a look in those January sales and see what great vegan living options there are out there to kick start your Vegan journey!

The Vegan Rise

As veganism becomes increasingly more popular, as well as people just becoming more aware of how to be more ethical, more and more companies are considering how to create new faux leathers and different vegan materials. Its an exciting time!

How do you know if your buying a Vegan Boot?

For a boot or any shoe for that matter to be considered vegan you need to ensure that no animal has been harmed in the making of the boot and that the materials contain no animal products. Then this would make your product vegan and 100% cruelty free. Having said that there are many materials that can be mass produced and not have used an animal by product or an animal but could still be considered not vegan due to have ethically the product may have been produced. There are many companies that are now ensuring that they have Vegan options – which is fantastic but some people may consider that the company itself is not vegan. Again as ever this is down to everyone’s personal preference considering the sustainability and Eco friendly nature as well as ensuring that an animal has not been harmed in the making. Personally we would look for the Vegan logo and a a definite sign that the Vegan Boot specifies that it is vegan, then look at the material.

Materials to avoid:

There are a huge amount of materials that you need to avoid when trying to live a vegan lifestyle. Leather being the key one but also, suede, silk, wool, cashmere and mohair. There are other harder things to look out for when trying to buy vegan boots, you need to look into the glues that have been used as many glues could have been made from collagen which has been taken from hooves and bones of animals.

Is PU leather vegan?

If a product states it is 100% PU then it is vegan. However some brands will state the material as being PU when it is just a coating over another material. So do your research carefully.

Vegan Leather 

Vegan leather can also be known as faux leather and it can be produced from a number of different materials, so look carefully at your products and the materials the company list. However, the most common faux leather options are cork, bark-cloth, glazed cotton, waxed cotton, and paper.

When companies are creating synthetic leather, the most commonly used materials are polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane, which some vegans may not consider to be a vegan material alternative. However Vegan leather is on the rise and is being made in more and more interesting sustainable ways.

Top Vegan shoe/boot brands:

  1. Will’s Vegan Shoes
  2. Ahimsa
  3. Matt & Nat
  4. Native shoes
  5. Bourgeois Boheme
  6. People footwear
  7. Olsen Haus
  8. Beyond Skin
  9. Bioworld
  10. Charmone
  11. Cri de Coeur
  12. Roni Kantor

More and more small companies are creating sustainable vegan shoes and vegan boots but also the larger companies are developing new ways to ensure that their products are vegan – keep a look out for your favourite brands as an example we love the boot styles from Dr Marten and over the last year they have released more and more vegan options. Another favourite before being vegan was Birkenstock but they have not just one or two of their styles but over 10 different varieties now being vegan.

Which Luxury brands are currently vegan?

  • Matt n Nat.
  • Jill Milan.
  • Stella McCartney.
  • Nanushka.
  • Osier Studio.
  • Miele Bianco.
  • Nemanti Shoes.
  • Ethique 212

Woman’s Vegan Boots

01 – Will’s Vegan Shoes Womens Knee Length Boots Black

Our Top Pick
Will's Vegan Shoes Womens Knee Length Boots

Will’s Vegan Shoes Womens Knee Length Boots

Vegan Boots made from faux vegan leather. We love Will’s boots they are stylish and you defintely get what you pay for. These boots are so comfortable and will last! The heel is just 2cm so a very comfortable foot that you can wear all day – for a girls day out or even for work. You can get these knee high vegan boots in dark brown or black. 

These are the perfect winter boot. Easy to wear, great for city breaks and mooching around town. They have a sturdy rubber heel and sole made from recycled rubber. They have a fashionable biker esque buckle which is adjustable. The Vegan lather is made from faux Italian leather which has been made from plants.

02 – Matt & Nat Mont Royal Block Heel Ankle Boot in Black

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Matt & Nat Women's Montroyal Vegan Ankle Boot Black 38 Medium EU

Matt & Nat Women’s Montroyal Vegan Ankle Boot Black 38 Medium EU

Featuring a vegan friendly PU upper. The Montroyal vegan ankle boot is designed with a lightly cushioned footbed for added comfort and is made with a durable rubber outsole. Elastic goring for easier on and off wear.


This is another great pair of stylish vegan boots from Matt & Nat, they have great size heel (2 inches) that gives you a little height but still super comfortable to walk about in.

Great paired with a floaty dress or slim black jeans!

03 – Macro Republic Galaxy Vegan Wedge Boot

Our Top Pick
Galaxy Women's Wedge Boots

Galaxy Women’s Wedge Boots

These boots are a great Vegan Boot from Touched by Nature, with a slight heel as a wedge they can be paired with dresses/ skirts and trousers. Great for everyday but can then be a suitable vegan boot for going out in, with the heel being a comfortable height 2.5inches. The boots are made from a faux suede. They come in three colours, taupe, charcoal or black. 

These Vegan Wedge boots should be staple in anyone’s wardrobe sturdy and comfortable plus affordable!

04 – Matt & Nat Claire Boots

Our Top Pick
Matt & Nat Claire Boots

Matt & Nat Claire Boots

These are a little different but they are very practical and a great every day shoe where you can splash in the puddles with your kids or be a kid! They are easy to put on – just pull them on. They 100% Vegan being made from synthetic vegan materials and no heel. 

These are your all time faithful every day boots – very comfy and a little edgy!

A little information about Matt & Nat:

These are an exceptionally popular Vegan company not only do they stock vegan backpacks they also sell a huge range of varying vegan bags, vegan shoes and other vegan accessories.

Matt and Nat stands for material and nature, they are a vegan brand and use no animal products for any of their products. The lining of their bags are made out of recycled bottles, they also try to use more sustainable products such as cork and rubber. The company is also very good at promoting and supporting the idea of up-cycling. 

Is Matt and Nat real leather?

As mentioned above, Matt and Nat use natural materials and none of their products contain any form of animal product, therefore making them 100% vegan friendly. 

Vegan Ugg Boots

05 – BearPaw Vegan Ugg Boots

Our Top Pick
BEARPAW Women's Elle Short Vegan Black

BEARPAW Women’s Elle Short Vegan Black

These are our favourite here at The Littlest Vegan – a little on the pricey side but totally worth it. Using vegan materials and the quality of this make is great, ensuring that these winter boots will last you more than just one season. 

For us these are 100% the vegan winter boot – you could even if your budget allows have these as your indoor to outdoor slippers. We love BearPaw – keep your eyes peeled for new vegan stock as it comes in and goes quickly!

06 – Lanyani Women’s Vegan Winter waterproof Boots Waterproof

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Lanyani Women's Vegan Winter Boots Waterproof Classic Faux Sheepskin Warm Mid Calf Snow Boots

Lanyani Women’s Vegan Winter Boots Waterproof Classic Faux Sheepskin Warm Mid Calf Snow Boots

Easy-wearing insulated winter boots for chilly weather, Water-resistant, vegan upper keeps feet dry, Plush, faux-fur collar for comfort and warmth, Heel High: 1.2 inch, Shaft High: 7 inch


These boots come in tan or black, they are the ideal snow boot, made with faux suede, fitting comfortably around your calf- they are warm and snugly and waterproof – made from synthetic rubber and microfiber faux suede. They are easy to pull on and off – great for a casual but practical winter look.

07 – Women’s Warm Winter Boots Ankle High Classic Vegan Suede Faux Sheepskin Shearling Snow Boots

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Women's Warm Winter Boots Ankle High Classic Vegan Suede Faux Sheepskin Shearling Snow Boots

Women’s Warm Winter Boots Ankle High Classic Vegan Suede Faux Sheepskin Shearling Snow Boots

Ultra-soft and skin-friendly sheepskin is padded in this mid-calf boot, also easy to pull on and keep you warm in a cold day. With durable and wear-resistant matertial in the outsole, this snow boot could keep away cold from the outside.


Yet another great faux vegan ugg boot option for the winter – ankle boot. These vegan ugg boots are great as they come in a range of colors tan, chocolate, black and grey . The faux fur lining is ridiculously warm, with a durable rubber sole.

08 – DKSUKO Winter Boots

Our Top Pick
DKSUKO Women's Classic Waterproof Snow Boots

DKSUKO Women’s Classic Waterproof Snow Boots

Looking for comfort, warmth and an Ugg lookalike… These vegan boots by DKSUKO are an affordable option for those of us looking to make a more vegan conscious choice. 

With more and more big brands switching and creating more vegan alternatives we are hoping that it won’t be long till other ugg style boots become vegan Bearpaw are a great vegan brand for Ugg boots they are often out of stock so stop umming and ahhhing and grab yours now.

Vegan Chelsea Boot

09 – Will’s Vegan Continental Chelsea Boots

Our Top Pick
Will's Vegan Chelsea Continental Boots

Will’s Vegan Chelsea Continental Boots

These Vegan Boots have been created with Ecolabel certified vegan suede made in Italy.
The linings are made with plants created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe in a carbon neutral process. The material is breathable and water resistant with welted rubber outsoles with hand painted wood effect details.

These boots are breathable and water resistant – we love the jazzy blue colour.

010 – Dr.Marten Vegan Flora Chelsea Ankle Boot

Our Top Pick
Dr. Martens Women's Vegan Flora Chelsea Ankle Boot

Dr. Martens Women’s Vegan Flora Chelsea Ankle Boot

Dr.Martens or Dm’s are a fave for everyone kids to adults they are multi functional for any occassion, practical and functional and can be dressed up or down depending on how well loved they become. 100% vegan made from synthetic materials. They are pricey but you get what you pay for. Most of their styles are also unisex, so boys you can get your mits on these ones too! 

Dm’s are our go to boot – Save up those pennies because they are worth it!

011 – Matt & Nat Women’s Tokio Vegan Chelsea Boot Nude

Lala Retro Whipped Cream
Matt & Nat Tokio Vegan Womens Chelsea Boot in Tan

Matt & Nat Tokio Vegan Womens Chelsea Boot in Tan

Featuring a faux suede upper with woven label with logo. The Tokio nude vegan chelsea boot is designed with a lightly cushioned footbed for added comfort. Made with a durable rubber outsole.


These are a great alternative color to your classic brown and black Vegan Chelsea boot. Sturdy and comfortable, breathable and look great!

Vegan Boots for Men

012 – Dr. Marten Unisex Vegan Boot

Dr. Martens is a huge company that are starting to launch Vegan boots and products. This is a huge step, and we are hoping that many other huge companies will follow in their footsteps. If you are considering Veganuary this year – or are just wanting to dip your toes into a little of vegan living then this would be a great purchase for you.

Our Top Pick
Dr. Martens 101 Vegan Black Unisex

Dr. Martens 101 Vegan Black Unisex

DR Martens are a great investment – their styles are timeless classics that you will bring out of your wardrobe again and again. They may not be a vegan brand but they are bringing out more and more of their fabulous styles using vegan materials. These boots are extremly comfortable with an inner padded lining and are resistant to many splashes and spills. 

013 – Will’s Vegan Shoes Mens Work Boots Dark Brown

Our Top Pick
Will's Vegan Shoes Mens Work Boots

Will’s Vegan Shoes Mens Work Boots

These boots have been created with Italian vegan leather made with plants using bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe in a carbon neutral process
Breathable and water resistant, Deep tread sturdy rubber soles, Brushed metal eyelets and speed hooks
and the cushioning is non crush down insoles made with recycled rubber. 

A great Vegan boot for men – they have the classic comfy well worn look about them before they’ve even been worn. Durable and water resistant and in a great dark brown color. With a deep tread and easy fastening.

014 – Will’s Vegan Shoes Mens Chelsea Boots Dark Brown

Our Top Pick
Will's Vegan Shoes Mens Chelsea Boots

Will’s Vegan Shoes Mens Chelsea Boots

These boots have been created with Italian vegan leather made with plants using bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe in a carbon neutral process.
Breathable and water resistant, durable and grippy rubber outsoles. 
These boots fit closely around your ankle due to the cut of the uppers and stretch gussets on the side of the boot and the cushioning has non crush down insoles which have been made with recycled rubber.

These are a sophisticated vegan Chelsea boot – made from faux Italian leather which is actually made from plants. They look great and can be worn for both casual and formal events.

015 Dr.- Martens Vegan Unisex 2976 Chelsea Boot

Our Top Pick
Dr. Martens Men's 2976 Felix Rub Off Chelsea Boot, black, 6 Men/7 Women US

Dr. Martens Men’s 2976 Felix Rub Off Chelsea Boot, black, 6 Men/7 Women US

These are 100% Synthetic with a synthetic sole. A great mens chelsea style boot, great for every day work and going out, a must have! 


Are Timberlands Vegan?

Timberland is a well known brand of boots and is known for using genuine leather, also some of the glue that is used could also contain animal products. So currently no, this brand does not offer any vegan boot or shoe product. 
What vegan shoe brands are vegan?

Are Vegan Dr Martens ethical?

One of the most popular footwear brands Dr Martens has started to release vegan footwear. Now some vegans will sometimes steer away from  big brands like these that are not 100% vegan.

However, the fact that a big branded company that influences a lot of young people today we feel is a great step in the right direction for non vegans and vegans to make more ethical and cruelty free choices. Their vegan range is sustainable and ethical.

Are any Louboutins vegan?

Currently this popular luxury shoe brand Louboutin is not vegan.

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