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Vegan Pancakes 

Going Vegan this year or trying out Veganuary and not sure how to create your favourite pancakes this Pancake Day?

Panic sets in Pancake Day is round the corner and whether it’s the kids, the other half, me, all of us and anyone, we all want pancakes! How do I cook pancakes Vegan style, no eggs, no milk. That’s all of the ingredients gone! A large bowl of flour and… bugger! Don’t worry I have found the best and simplest vegan pancakes to suit all of your families musts for pancake day. 

Ok so we all love pancakes, they are super easy and quick to make, whether you like fat, thin, fluffy, savoury or sweet. Of course pancakes can also happen all year round, and once you have a well stocked vegan cupboard with all the essentials you’ll be able to knock up a fair few show stopping pancakes, that even those who aren’t vegan will never know the difference. 

For those of you that have read any of my other articles then you will know that Lucy Watson, Deliciously Ella, Bosh and Aine Carlin are my main sources of inspiration and my go to. If you’ve loved their other recipes that I have recommended then this article will not disappoint.

Vegan pancakes

What replaces the egg in vegan pancakes? 

Initially when I first started my plant based diet these egg replacements completely baffled me, I would look and re read a recipe over and over, what chickpea water? How is that going to create a nice fluffy pancake or cake? Crazy! But yes chickpea water is one alternative for an egg. Also bananas, apple cider vinegar, using bicarb and baking powder. There is also now specific products called egg replacer that you can use as a like for like substitute with a recipe that uses an egg.

Helpful hints when making pancakes. 

  • Ensure you have pre warmed the oven so that as you are making you pancakes you can keep them nice and warm whilst you continue flipping the others. 
  • Make sure the oil or dairy free butter is hot or be prepared to throw the first pancake away, or for it to be eaten as a this is not what the rest of the pancakes are going to look like. We are always eager to get going, which normally means the oil or perhaps dairy free butter is not hot enough which means as I always call it in my house it’s the ‘throw away’ pancake which I normally nibble on whilst making the rest of the batch. 
  • Sift the flour to ensure there are no lumps. 
  • Be organised, have things weighed measured and ready to go. 
  • Have good utensils, a spatula that can help with loosening the pancake as well as one that you can use for flipping if your worried about the pancake on the ceiling scenario. 
  • Now the pan, ensure that it is a non stick, heavy based pan ideally. 
  • The flour, unless the recipe calls for a very specific type of flour, try and get an organic flour, these make you pancakes tastier and better for us and the planet.

What tools do you need to make the best pancakes?

  • Lemon squeezer 
  • Decent scales 
  • Whisk 
  • Cutter
  • Palette knife/spatula 
  • Measuring bowls

What are the best frying pans for pancakes? 

Making the batter for the perfect pancake is one thing, but then to actually cook them is another. Everyone wants to be able to do the perfect pancake flip, but this is really hard to achieve if you don’t have the right pan, oh and ok we obviously want it to be non stick and a decent size and practical to maybe use for other cooking requirements as well. Here are some of my suggestions for the perfect pancake flipping pan. 

Below find a selection of the current best frying pans! 

01 – John Lewis & Partners ‘The Pan’ Aluminium Non-Stick Pancake/Crepe Pan, 24cm 

This pan is actually a crepe pan, made of aluminium. Which means it is exceptionally light weight, so ideal for slipping any type of pancake or tortilla. I personally think the pan looks quite stylish one that would look totally fine sitting on your hob waiting for you to make those perfect pancakes! It also has a heat resistant handle and is dishwasher safe. 

Key benefits:

  • Durable, lightweight aluminium
  • Soft-feel, heat-resistant handle
  • Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended
  • Non-stick interior but avoid using metal utensils
  • Suitable for use on all hobs, including induction


02 – Tefal Expertise 25cm pancake pan

T-fal E938S3 Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan Cookware Set, 3-Piece, 8-Inch 10.5-Inch and 12.5-Inch, BlackGroupe SEB

This pan has a unique technology which is called thermospot. The thermospot is designed to let you know when your pan has reached the optimum temperature.The pan is made from titanium and has a non stick coating which you can use with metal utensils although not knives and metal whisks. You can use this pan on all hob types and the handle is heat proof up to 175°C for a maximum of 1 hour.  .BUY ON AMAZON

03 – Le Creuset frying pan

Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick 8-Inch Shallow Fry PanLe Creuset of America

So yes this is an expensive pan, but Le Creuset is made to last. However they can be heavy and due to the expense it maybe not one for you to let the kiddies use but certainly a reliable pancake pan. The pan is a great shape for pancake making with perfect curved edges to enable fantastic flipping. The pan is tough, PFOA- free and like all the pans has a non stick surface not just on the inside but the outside too. The material it is made from is made to last and it can be used on any heat source. BUY ON AMAZON

04 – Nordic Ware Silver Dollar pancake pan

Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Dollar Pancake PanNordic Ware

Now this is a slightly different pan from the others I have talked about. This one has an individual pancake spaces. It can make 7 3 inch pancakes ‘American style’ at one time. The pan is made from a heavy warp- resistant cast aluminium. This material will enable to the pan to heat up to an even temperature allowing the 7 pancakes to all be cooked at the same time. They recommend hand washing this product and not putting it in the dishwasher.

Top spatulas to use when making Vegan Pancakes:

To be honest when you are making pancakes you need to practice with all your utensils. You need to be confident in knowing when the pancake is ready to be flipped and if you are using a decent frying pan then you won’t necessarily need a great spatula maybe one that juts looks the part. Silicone spatulas are the best type of spatula to use especially when using a non stick frying pan. You can also get some beautiful basic or classically designed wooden spatulas to suit anyone’s budget or style. 

Our Top Spatulas:

01 – OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Pancake Turner

OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Pancake TurnerOxo

This is an easy to use silicone spatula at a reasonable price. The spatula itself is rather large which makes it idea for flipping pancakes. It is thin and  flexible ensuring that it’s near impossible to break your delicate pancakes. This spatula is great on non stick frying pans. it’s large spatula makes it ideal for flipping pancakes. BUY ON AMAZON

02 – Kitchen Craft Colour Works Nylon Header Jumbo Pancake Spatula

38cm Pink Colourworks Nylon Headed Jumbo TurnerKitchenMarket

This a fun brightly coloured spatula that comes in a range of bright playful colours. The spatula has a large nylon head which makes it a fantastic tool for flipping pancakes. The handle is made out of stainless steel which is strong. Its another great spatula that can be used on non stick pans without damaging them. It also has a 5 year guarantee. BUY ON AMAZON

03 – Kitchen Craft Professional Nylon Spatula

Kitchen Craft Professional Nylon Spatula / Palette Knife with Stainless Steel Handle, 33 cm (13″)

Kitchen Craft Spatula/Palette Knife Pro-Tool Spatel of Stainless Steel/Nylon, Silver/BlackKitchen Craft

If you are a little more confident with your pancake flipping than a thinner spatula or palette knife maybe more suited in your kitchen. This is a very reasonable price. It is multi functional great for spreading icing on cakes as well as carefully gliding under those delicious pancake. The blade is heat resistant and anti scratch so will not damage your frying pan. This product comes with a 25 year guarantee and is also dishwasher safe. BUY ON AMAZON

04 – Kitchen Craft Wooden Crepe Spatula

Kitchen Craft Beechwood Crépe Spatula

If you want something easy, sustainable and natural, made from beech wood, then this is the perfect pancake spatula for you. Plus the price makes it an absolute bargain. It will glide graciously underneath your pancake, causing no scratches, it has an excellent lift to enable you to flip your pancakes to perfection. It is able to be used on hot pans and it has a years guarantee. BUY ON AMAZON

What are the best squeezers to use for lemons? 

Now these days as with everything there is an abundance of choice for your lemon squeezer. I know right, even choosing a lemon squeezer is not easy. You can get designer squeezers or just your standard handheld squeezer. Here are a few I would consider purchasing depending on your own budget and how decorative you want them to be. 

01 – FUKTSYSM Lemon Squeezer 


FUKTSYSM Lemon Squeezer 

Even though this is a juicer/squeezer, it does look rather stylish made from sturdy stainless steel, which means it is designed to last. The material allows it to be smooth but also easy to clean after  use. It is lightweight and its designed to be held in just one hand, which gives you great control over the product. It has a silicone handle which allows for a secure grip. BUY ON AMAZON

02 – Kitchen Craft Citrus Juicer

Luminarc Arc International Citrus Juicer, ClearARC INTERNATIONAL

This is a very classic looking and is exceptionally easy to use and efficient in collecting a lot of juice in the glass dish below. The nubs a cleverly placed so as to keep all of those sneaky pips getting through. It is dishwasher safe and has a one year guarantee. BUY ON AMAZON

03 – Beechwood fruit lemon juicer squeezer

Apollo Beech ReamerApollo

This again is a classic squeezer, however you will get slightly messier and will need another container to squeeze your juice into. However it’s inexpensive, and very practical. This juicer maybe messier but the point and design allows you to get every ounce of juice out of a lemon, lime or orange! BUY ON AMAZON

04 – Alessi Mysqueeze Trus-Squeezer

Alessi RK01 Mysqueeze Lemon Squeezer, SilverAlessi

Now if you want a slightly more decadent squeezer, then this one’s for you! It’d design is based on the original squeezer and therefore is exceptionally good at collecting the juice, but is slightly messy. It is made from stainless steel and is polished to perfection. BUY ON AMAZON

05Alessi Citrus Juicer, Aluminium Casting, Mirror Polished

Alessi PSJS Juicy Salif Citrus SqueezerAlessi

This is somewhat alien looking, and trust me it will get people talking if you leave it out on display in your kitchen. I love this, I have used it regularly and even given it as a gift. It’s practical and beautiful all at the same time. The added height allows for easy to squeeze and the tear drop shape allows for the juice to carefully run down to the point. Making sure you have a bowl and sieve at the ready. BUY ON AMAZON

What are the best measuring bowls to make pancakes? 

Really everyone needs a decent set of bowls for any type of cooking, whether you’re baking, making salad, prepping vegetables. Having a range of bowls will always help. When making pancakes you really only need one medium sized bowl. If you are using a bowl that you cannot pour from easily then you need to ensure you have a ladle that can do this for you. I always tend to use a ladle any way as that way you can make sure that all your pancakes have the same quantity of mixture. That way there is no arguing. 

01 – 3 Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Premium 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Measuring Guide Markings, Pouring Spouts, Black Handles & Non Slip Silicone Base, Perfect for Cooking and Baking – Sizes 1.6L, 3L & 5L

These bowls are made from stainless steel, they are great to use especially if you are using electric mixers in them. The inside shows measurements in mls/ounces/cups and quarts. The base is rubber and will stop your bowls from slipping. They all fit nicely together to minimise the amount of space they will take up in your cupboard. BUY ON AMAZON

02 – Set of 3 mixing bowls with a pouring spout

NETTA Set of 3 Mixing Bowl with Lid, Measuring Guide Markings, Stackable– 1.6L, 3L, 5LNetta

These bowls are ideal if your are confident with your pouring ability. As they have a pouring spout. Again made from stainless steel and have measuring guides on them, with a non slip silicone base and also stack able and dishwasher safe. BUY ON AMAZON

03 – Anchor Batter Bowl

DEXAM Anchor Hocking Batter Bowl, 2.0 Litre Tempered Glass

Anchor Hocking 2 Quart Ovenproof Glass Batter Bowl , Clear , 2 L – 81605L11Anchor Hocking

If you want something that suits a lot of baking and cooking needs then I would suggest a glass bowl. This one is a pouring one and has  embossed measurements on the side. It’s made from anchor glass so is heavier and you can put in fridge, oven, freezer and dishwasher. So all in all exceptionally useful. BUY ON AMAZON

The easiest vegan pancake recipes: 

The fluffiest pancakes 

This website prides itself on it being the easiest but also being able to create the fluffiest american style pancakes. The recipe can also be used to create some deliciously fluffy waffles if you have a waffle machine. This recipe uses apple cider vinegar and bi-carb to ensure its fluffiness. As with most vegan pancake recipes it just says non dairy milk. It depends on my mood but generally my two favourites would be almond or coconut milk as the dairy free choice. 

Cookie and Kate 

This pancake recipe is pretty much identical to the one above other than it using a whole meal flour and suggesting that you can use olive oil or coconut oil to the non stick pan before pouring in pancake mixture. Playing around with your non dairy milk options, the flour and the sugar will all alter the recipes a little. As i mentioned above it depends really on your preferences and what type of toppings you are thinking for your pancakes especially if you are undecided on sweet or savoury! 

Jaw dropping vegan pancakes recipes 

The minimalist baker 

This recipe is still quite easy but has the added element of making a compote to go with the cornmeal pancakes. The orange and cranberry compote is delicious and makes this a very warming and wintry pancake treat! It uses baking powder to get the rice, but does not use cider vinegar to add that fluffiness. Creating a different textured pancake especially with the cornmeal. 

My top vegan pancake recipes 

My favourite and simplest pancake recipe is by Lucy Watson, which you can find in her book ‘Feed me vegan’ It’s a breakfast pancake with bananas in the batter. She uses maple syrup to add sweetness and buckwheat flour to give it a different texture and taste which is actually really delicious. The pancakes are an interesting texture but super tasty. If you are not a fan of banana then this is still a great pancake recipe you will just need to add baking powder. If you want more of a solid and fluffy consistency I would add a little baking powder anyway. 

The Littlest Vegans Pancake Recipes

Sweet Vegan Banana Pancake Recipes

Method for sweet vegan pancakes:

  1. First you need to peel and mash the banana into a mixing bowl.
  2. The stir in all the other dry ingredients a little at a time ensuring that you keep mixing, to limit the amount of lumps.
  3. Leave the milk to last and slowly mix all the ingredients together, if the mixture feels to thick than add in some more milk.
  4. You can now carefully using a ladle pour your vegan pancake batter into a hot pan ( if your pan is non stick then you may not need to use any dairy free butter or oil) If you are worried about your pancake sticking then either add some coconut oil or vegan butter to your pan to coat it in a thin layer to ensure your delicious pancake does not get ruined.
  5. Cook 2/3 minutes on each side – then serve immediately with a topping of your choice.

Ingredients for sweet vegan pancakes:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 120 grams of buckwheat flour
  • 160 grams of plain flour (choose wholemeal if your are being a little healthier)
  • 190 ml of coconut milk (any dairy free milk – our preference coconut or almond)
  • 2 – 4 tsp of maple syrup ( depending on your sweet tooth)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • a pinch of cinnamon

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